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E&SC training for W2BH pipeline

Erosion and Sediment Control for Services and Linear Easements (Vol 2A of the Blue Book) This one day course presents an opportunity to gain valuable skills outlined in volume 2A (“Installation of Services”) of the Blue Book, published by the Department of Environment and Climate

Improved Landfill Management

This course, covering a range of topics exploring improved landfill management with PowerPoint presentations and workshop exercises, is presented over two days and includes a critical review of current practices at an operational landfill. The course can be offered at locations through Australia and is

Sewer Ejection System

This course can be tailored to the specific requirements of individual Councils or Government Agencies for in-house delivery. Recent participants have included North Sydney Council.

Practical Erosion and Sediment Control for the Workforce

This practical one day course is specifically designed for Supervisors, Leading Hands and Work Crews working on road projects, subdivisions, water and sewer projects, pipelines, cable laying, overhead transmission lines and other construction projects. It provides specific information on the principles of Erosion and Sediment

E&SC Unsealed Roads

CET tailored and presented the Erosion and Sediment Control (unsealed roads) training courses for National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Toolbox Talk

CET prepared and delivered Environmental Awareness ‘Toolbox Talk’ to Brefni work crews.

Environmental Awareness

CET prepared Environmental Awareness 'Toolbox Talk' material for use at Anglo American Coal open-cut, underground and exploration sites.

Practical E&SC for the Workforce

This International Erosion Control Association (IECA) Approved Training course continues to be the most popular CET Erosion and Sediment Control Course. Amongst recent participants have been staff from Joss Group, Symal Infrastructure, Bolte Civil, Bridge and Civil, John Holland Rail Country Regional Network and Narrabri

Australian Wastewater Courses

We currently offer the following wastewater courses throughout Australia. Courses reflect current regulatory requirements of the state in which they are offered. On-site Wastewater Management Training Course Learn More Land Capability Assessment for On-site Wastewater Management Learn More Site and Soil Assessment for On-site Wastewater System