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Erosion and Sediment Control for Waste Landfills (Vol 2B of the Blue Book)

COURSES E&SC for Waste Landfills

This one day course presents an opportunity to gain valuable skills outlined in volume 2B of the Blue Book, published by the Department of Environment and Climate Change. This course focuses specifically on the construction, operation and rehabilitation of waste landfill sites and looks at the common challenges and problems faced on such sites. It provides practical advice on erosion and sediment controls for typical waste landfill projects where significant and long-term land disturbances occur.

The course provides practical advice and techniques for various scales of waste management facilities as well as site planning, using Erosion and Sediment Control Plans and proper inspection and maintenance. The course is designed for professionals designing, managing or working at waste management facilities, who have an existing knowledge of the fundamentals of erosion and sediment control.

Course content includes:

  • What’s in the Blue Book Volume 2B and how does it fit in with Volume 1?
  • Legal considerations
  • Management principles
  • Planning and assessment
  • Waste landfill design, specifications and construction methods
  • Erosion and Sediment Control principles on waste landfill construction sites as well as for ongoing operation and eventual decommissioning and rehabilitation
  • Beneficial re-use of captured stormwater on-site (dust suppression, processing materials and revegetation)
  • Applying best-practice erosion and sediment control techniques to waste landfill projects throughout and beyond their design life
  • Waste landfill operational maintenance methods
  • Common problems and mistakes with waste landfill construction, operation, maintenance, decommissioning and rehabilitation
  • Reading and preparing plans for erosion and sediment control on waste landfill sites
  • Constraints to successful erosion and sediment control on waste landfill sites

Who should attend?

Contractors, Supervisors, Regulatory Officers, Facilities Staff and Construction Engineers

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