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Site and Soil Assessment Report Writing and Evaluation

This course is designed for both consultants and regulators involved in the preparation and evaluation of site and soil assessment (geotech) reports submitted in support of development applications for on-site wastewater systems. Comprising lectures and workshop sessions, the course covers the range of issues on which it is essential to report and the skills required to both prepare and assess reports. The course covers key points, common pitfalls and problems associated with adequately assessing and preparing reports.

Technical Sessions include:

  • Reporting – the process and the players, the regulatory requirements and where the report fits in.
  • What makes a good report? Matching the needs and the offerings.
  • Analytical review of examples of reports as they are currently prepared and received.
  • Site and soil assessment – identifying the limiting factors. What are the critical criteria and why? Confidence levels and conservatism.
  • Nutrient balances and calculations.
  • How critical is the climate data?
  • Doing the numbers – common pitfalls in calculations. System sizing and water balance calculations.
  • Spotting the flaws in the calculations and their significance.
  • Standard proformas and software packages – the pros and cons.
  • Conveying the really useful information – from proposal to design installation.
  • Sizing irrigation areas and wet weather storage – what is really necessary?
  • Addressing the issues when problems arise. Finding the common ground.
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